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Build a Calf

How does the Build A Calf  Program work?

If you want to truly build a calf you have an option of picking one of our females and buying semen from anyone you choose (we have semen options available for purchase) and we’ll put a calf together for you.  

We will only have 2-3 spots per cow.  Once the cow of your choice calves we will collect embryos from her to put into our recipient (surrogate) cows.  We will then calve the cow out and wean the calf.  Buyer will then be responsible for payment of the calf and arrange pickup.  We will wean at 5-6 months of age.

You can view cows on our webpage under Meet the Team

A $1000 Deposit will be required for each cow chosen.

This is an option for those that want specific genetics by pairing a cow and bull of their choice, but also not having the stress of calving a cow out or enough land for multiple cows, but would like to have calves each year to sell or hold back to grow your herd.

***Please text or call for pricing or questions


How Do You Get Embryos From a Cow?

  • There are two ways to gather embryos from a cow. 

    • One way is done through flushing, which is also called In-Vitro Production. First, the cow is treated with hormones to stimulate ovulation and express oocytes. The cow is then either inseminated or bred by a bull. Once the oocyte is fertilized by the semen, an embryo is formed. Seven days after conception the embryos are flushed from the donor cow. At that time they can either be transferred fresh or they can be frozen.

      • Because the cow is stimulated with hormones, she can produce several embryos. The specific number of embryos really varies from cow to cow with some producing upwards of 20 embryos per flush.

  • The other embryo transfer method is IVF. In this process, oocytes are aspirated from the ovaries, collected and then taken to a lab. At the lab, the oocytes are fertilized in a petri dish to again form an embryo. The embryos grow for seven days in an incubator before being transferred, frozen or biopsied.   

When Can Embryos be Collected

  • Embryos from open cows can be flushed all year long, but through the IVF method, oocytes can be flushed from a cow even when they are pregnant. This allows the donor cow to still produce a calf herself and oocytes can be collected until the fetus is about 100 days old.

  • Embryos from the same flush are siblings

Build A Calf Calves

OhNo X Sparkie
Snowball x Sparkie
OhNo x Ryan
Splender x Olive
Splender x Olive
Splender x Olive
FullSizeRender (1).jpeg
Splender x Olive
Splender x Minnie
Splender x Olive
OhNo x Olive
Snowball x Olive
Snowball x Olive
Bruce x Fiona
Splender x Olive
Bruce x Fiona
Splender x Olive
Bruce x Fiona
Splender x Olive
OhNo x Sparkie
OhNo x Minnie
OhNo x Olive
OhNo x Fiona
OhNo x Tess
OhNo x Tess
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