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Meet our Bulls

Miniature Highland Bull


Snowball's DOB is 04/25/2019

He is a naturally small full Highland bull with tons of hair.  He stands 45" at the back. This is a proven bull with several calves on the ground.  His calves have been from 35-60#.  The heavier calves have all been bulls with excellent conformation and he's passed on all that hair to all of his calves!


Conventional straws available

Miniature Highland Bull


Sully's DOB is 04/11/2021

Sully is naturally small standing at 42" at the top of his back.His dam measured 42" at 5 years old, his sire 38" chondro positive, and his grand dam is Windham Hills Chloe 41" at 5 years old. This silver boy is jammed packed with tons of hair.  He has excellent temperament and conformation. All the things you're looking for in a mid/mini bull is right here!  


Sexed and Conventional Straws Available

Registered Micro White Dexter Bull


Bruce's DOB is 10/29/2020

Bruce is one of my favorite bulls! Every visitor that meets Bruce wants to take him home.  He has that undeniable personality that is irresistible. Bruce is a registered white Dexter, naturally polled, Chondro + and 39" at the top of his back .  Bruce is a proven bull with calves weighing 33-55#.  He is Heterozygous polled, so there is 50% chance of adding horns to his offspring.


Conventional straws available.

Micro Miniature Highland BUll


G.W.'s DOB is July 4th, 2019

G.W. is just meant to be my bull! He is approx. 40" tall chondro positive over 99% Highland brindle.  He has everything we're looking for in a bull.  He  has a picturesque head , broad between the eyes with nice strong horns. He has that masculine appearance we look for in all of our bulls. When breeding for chondro positive cows, we strive for a nice deep body with short little legs.  We want to produce a small cow that looks like a cow not a calf.  G.W. can bring this and more !


Conventional straws available.

Highland Bull


Masada Acres Bruiser #62961

DOB 07/23/20

Bruiser is AHCA registered frosted bull. He's a gentle bull with a great conformation.   He has the frosted bangs and signature frosted white tail.  His sire is LSK Slate out of Skye High Ego-Trip.  We plan on mating Bruiser with some amazing frosted girls to give us those rare frosted babies.


Conventional straws available.

Micro Highalnd Bull


DOB is 02/23/2021

Pickle  has a very docile personality.  He's jammed packed with hair with a short compact little body.  He is chondro positive standing at 38" at the top of his back.   He is genetically a yellow brindle which is very rare.  This means he can throw almost any color including silver! He carries one dilution gene.  His sire is Lil Thor who is a dun chondro positive bull standing 37" and his dam is a chocolate dun standing 42".  His grandsire is 41" BD1 Pos and Grandam is 40" 


Sexed heifer straws available

Registered Highland Bull


Cheek's Sunset Silver Dollar #61165

DOB 08/02/2019

If you're looking for another outstanding small AHCA registered bull Dollar is your boy! He is AHCA registered silver.  He currently stands approx. 45"at the top of his back..  Another great looking bull with excellent temperament and conformation.  Dollar will be used in our natural breeding program with our registered herd.  He has LEA lineage on his dam's side. 

Conventional Semen Available

Miniature HighPark Bull

Pretty Boy

DOB is 03/2021

Pretty Boy is just that, a pretty boy! Talk about hair!!  He has tons of hair, this is his summer coat in this picture.  He is a high percentage Highpark.  His sire is Highpark and his Dam is full Highland.  He is 40-41" topline.


Conventional semen available.

Micro Highland Bull


OhYeah is everything we have been waiting for in our breedings!  He is a silver homozygous black and chondro positive highland bull out of OhNo and WCC Olive.


Semen not available

Micro HighPark Bull


DOB 08/01/2022

Ino is our chondro positive HighPark bull.  We searched for a long time to find the perfect bull with tons of hair, plus the micro gene to add to our program.  Ino is out of the famous "Chip the Teeny Tiny Bull"

Semen not available

Micro Bull


DOB 04/07/2022

Maynard is the perfect little Panda Highland Cross!  This cute boy is chondro positive 35" topline.  We're so excited to see what he brings to our breeding program.

Conventional straws available

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