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About Us


Webb Cattle Company is a local family-owned farm that has been producing Angus crossbred cattle for generations, located in North Missouri.  We have recently expanded our farm to include designer micro, mini and mid-size Scottish Highland cattle, HighParks and registered Scottish Highlands. 


We are striving to produce high quality cattle that will be perfect as a pet, for a small farm, homestead or just to love and enjoy in your pasture!    

Our registered Scottish Highlands are some of the best in the country with genetics relating back to Scotland.  Our registered Scottish Highlands also have genetics from Grand Champion bulls here in the US, and even some genetics that go back to the Queen of England and Balmoral Castle.  


In addition to registered stock we offer unregistered Scottish Highlands and HighParks in micro, mini and midsize.  


We form a relationship with all of our buyers and strive to be life long resources for each and every buyer.  

Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date on all of the happenings around the farm!

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